Hytera PD41X Walkie Talkie Patrol System

Robust and reliable, the Hytera PD41X handheld digital radio offers a simple communication solution with in-built RFID reader. When used with Hytera Patrol System and tags (optional), the PD41X delivers an ideal asset tracking solution for users in the security or service industries.

Hytera PD41X Patrol System
Hytera Patrol System is a tour guard solution to provide real-time tracking management. It’s composed of Patrol Radio, Receiving Station, Patrol Checkpoint and Patrol Software. It allows an operator to monitor the real-time tour guard because the patrol data is sent to the receiving station connected to PC (Patrol Software). And this system also supports some features including one-touch alarm on radio, patrol data resend, setting patrol plan, data query, data backup, etc.

Embedded RFID
With an embedded RFID reader, PD41X can read the information of a RFID tag and automatically send it out by radio. These RFID and data auto transmission features make PD41X supporting Hytera Patrol system, which is a real-time tour guard solution. Hytera also offers the open API of PD41X for developing your own application.


Abundant Voice Call
Voice communication includes private, group and all call.

Rugged & Reliable
It is compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards & IP54.

Small, Sleek, Light
With dual-color injection, the size is 112×55×31mm and weight is 270g.

Long Battery Life
In digital mode, PD41X operates at least 16 hours under a duty cycle of 5-5-90 @1500mAh.

Preprogrammed Text Messages

One Touch Call/Text
Support One Touch features that comprise of Voice Calls and Preprogrammed Text Messages.

Dual Mode (Analog & Digital)
Dual modes (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth migration from analog to digital.

The VOX (Voice-operated Transmit) feature allows you to trigger the voice transmission by voice directly rather than PTT. This brings more convenience to you in radio use.

Further Development Port for radio and RFID
The API allows third party partner to further develop other helpful applications to extend the radio RFID functionalities

Analog & Digital Mixed Channel
Hytera PD41X Walkie Talkie can detect both analog and digital signal and automatically switch between analog and digital mode to receive it on a single channel. And it can reply to the received call, while the talk back timer remains. This feature makes a better migration from analog radio to digital radio and save your existing investment.

DMRA Direct Mode TDMA (True 2-slot)
In DMO Hytera can provide 2-slot communication, which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency.

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