Belfone TD872

Belfone BF-TD872 : High Power Walkie Talkie / Long Range Walkie Talkie


Belfone – TD872 is a high power DMR migration radio with a high power output. It enjoys a communication range of up to 15km long, and consistently delivers a clear and loud digital audio even in the fringe areas.

Its rugged, compact and ergonomic design features with anti-slip function, making it an ideal choice for a great variety of users, like public securities, construction sites, shopping malls and so on.


Belfone BF-TD872 : High Power Walkie Talkie / Long Range Walkie Talkie

DMO Pseudo Trunk
The user can choose slot 1 or slot 2 for communications. When one slot is occupied the radio will automatically switch into the free slot. Frequency efficiency is greatly increased.

DMO True 2-Slot
In direct mode this radio supports two voice calls simultaneously due to TDMA two timeslots, which means two communication paths on 1 frequency at no extra costs or frequency license.

Digital/analog Dual Modes
BF-TD872 gives you a smooth transition from analog to digital.

Private Call, Group Call and All Call
The versatile calling functions bring more efficiency to your teamwork.

Long Battery Standby Time
BF-TD872 is a powerful radio with a long battery life. (digital 17h& analog 13h)

Excellent Audio Quality
The AMBE+2TM vocoder and FEC technology give BF-TD872 a loud and clear digital audio.

Transmit Interrupt
This function enables a supervisor to interrupt a radio conversation in order to clear a channel for more important communications.

Scan/Monitor (Programmable)
At a convenient push of a button you can monitor all the conversations on your channel or you can scan conversations on different channels.

Radio Priority-based Interruption
This function enables a radio with higher level to interrupt communications between radios with lower levels, giving higher priority to radios with higher levels. This means better dispatching efficiency.

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