Belfone BF-TD872 Walkie Talkie

BF-TD872 is a high power DMR migration radio with a high power output of 7W. It enjoys a communication range of up to 15km long, and consistantly delivers a clear and loud digital audio even in the fringe areas. Its rugged, compact and ergonnomic design features with anti-slip function, making it an ideal choice for a great variety of users, like public securities, construction sites, shopping malls and so on.

Digital/analog Dual Modes
BF-TD872 gives you a smooth transition from the analog worl to the digital

A Longer Battery Life
BF-TD872 can function for longer than any conventional analog radios. (digital 17 hours; analog 13 hours)

Excellent Audio Quality
Excellent digital quality comes from the AMBE +2TM vocoder and FEC technology

Radio Priority-Based Interruption
This function enables a radio with higher level to interrupt communication between radios with lower levels, giving higher priority to radios with higher levels. This means better dispatching efficiency

Scan/Monitor (Programmable)
At a convenient pust of a button you can monitor all the conversations on your channel or you can scan conversation on different channels.

Private Call, Group Call And All Call (Programmable)
Ther versatile calling functions bring more efficiency to you teamwork.



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