Belfone BF-TD506 Walkie Talkie

Commercial business digital radio

BF-TD506 dedicated to business users, such as hotel, shopping mall, warehouse, security etc. AMBE +2TM vocoder and FEC technology supply superior HD voice quality and with automatically received mode reply function BF-TD506 is a smart way to grow into digital radio.

Mixed Digital / Analog mode
Receive both analog and digital signals on a single channel and automaticcally selects the received mode to reply to the received call.

Private call, Group call and All call
Flexible communication for efficient cooperation

Excellent Audio Quality
Excellent digital audio quality with AMBE +2TM vocoder and FEC technology

DMR Direct Mode TDMA (Ture 2-slot)
2 slot communication in DMO mode, which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency.

Small Size and Light Weight
Hold in hand in whole workday without difficulty, esay handle

Long Battery Service Time
Withstand whole using don’t need charging halfway (digital 18 hours, analog 14 hours)

Remote Kill / Revive
Remotely disable function to preventdata & information let out from a missing radio

Voice Encrytion
Confirm discreet communication with voice encryption function.

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