Hytera PT790EX Walkie Talkie

Hytera PT790 Ex Walkie Talkie is the world’s first TETRA handheld two-way radio with the highest intrinsic safety level “ia”. The robust construction and in-built safety features improve the security of Atex users from industries such as, oil and gas, mining and fire rescue.


Hytera PT790Ex Walkie Talkie, an intrinsically safe two-way radio that also complies with the highest explosion-proof standard ‘ia’. This device has passed ATEX, FM, IECEX certifications and complies with IP67 rating as well as MILSTD 810 C/D/E.

The two-way TETRA radio is operable in places that contain explosive gases, including mine methane, such as coalmines, gas stations, oil platforms, chemical plants, airports and other inflammable or explosive conditions. It can also be used in Zone 0/1/2 and complies with M1.


Technical Specifications

Frequency Range – F1 : 320 – 380MHz F3 : 380 – 430MHz F4 : 405 – 475MHz F5 : 806-870 MHz
Battery Life – 1800mAh, 16hr
Dimensions(W×H×D) – 144.8 X 55 X 40.7 (mm)
Weight – 515g (with standard battery and antenna)
Display – 160 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors 1.8 inch, 4 rows
Keypad – Full keypad
Programmable Buttons – 23


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