Motorola CP1300 Walkie Talkie

Enhanced functionality, reliable communication

Easy and prompt communication with your workforce is vital to improving response time, strengthening employee efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. Motorola’s two-way radios provide a durable, high-quality voice communication solution that helps your business increase productivity and provide excellent customer service.

Ideal for light manufacturing, retail, hospitality services, property and real estate management. The Motorola CP1300 Commercial Portable radio brings you quality features you need at a competitive price. With its extensive feature set and ergonomic shape for comfortable use in a durable, lightweight, compact design, you can enhance communication while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Motorola CP1300 Walkie Talkie offers a full range of Motorola Original® audio, energy and carrying accessories to customize a radio solution specific to your needs. Headsets offer a comfortable, easy communication option when you need your hands free to focus on your operations. A high capacity battery is available to support long shifts common in the manufacturing and hospitality businesses and a soft leather carry case is available as a lightweight and comfortable carrying solution.


More Features

  • Battery Saver Mode extends the life of the battery, providing longer
    talk time.
  • Keypad Lock prevents accidental press of the buttons.
  • Channel Alias provides easy identification of a channel.
  • Prime Channel allows a quick and easy move to a selected prime channel.
  • Scan allows users to monitor activity on different communication channels, so that important messages are not missed. Priority Scan is available for those who constantly monitor a particular channel.
  • Nuisance Channel Delete removes unwanted channels temporarily from the scan list during scan.
  • Volume Set allows the user to check the audio and alert tone volume at the press of the button.
  • Sticky Monitor allows users to stay on monitor mode without constantly pressing the monitor button.
产品名称 Type



频率范围 Frequency Range

UHF 1 : 403 – 446 MHz
UHF 2 : 435 – 480 MHz
VHF : 136 – 174 MHz
UHF 3 : 350 – 390 MHz

区域容量 Zone Capacity


信道容量 Channel Capacity


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