UMEI GT-2100 Guard Tour Recorder

To start a tour, the guard just needs to touch the GT2100 recorder at each designated “Station Point” located throughout the premises. The recorder records the station point, date and time. Data recorded in the recorder is then transferred to a computer via a downloader for processing and generate reports.


• c/w: ID Tag x 2 Pcs & Station Point x 10 Pcs
• Station Point Is Protected By Stainless Steel Casing
• GT-2100 Recorder Is Made Of Stainless Steel
• It Is Tamper And Water Resistance
• Rubber Grip On The Body
• Data In The GT-2100 Recorder Is Transferred Via A Downloader Into The Computer Through USB Port
• Expandable : Additional GT-2100 Recorder, Guard ID Key And Station Point Can Be Added As Needed
• GT-2100 Recorder Is Powered By a 3V Lithium Battery (Low Maintenance)
• Works By A Simple Touch.. Security Guard Simply Touches The GT-2100 Recorder To A Station Point Recorder The Date And Time Of His Patrol
• System Includes : GT-2100 Recorder, Carrying Case, Downloader, Software In CD


Specifications :

• Dimension : 130 (L) x 25 (Diameter)mm
• Net Weight : 220g
• Memory : 2000 Records
• Power : 3v Lithium Battery

Downloader Specification :

• Dimension : 160 x 120 x 40mm
• Net Weight : 500g
• Communication Interface : USB

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